“I don’t have time to see any crazy salesman; I have a battle to fight!”

April 6, 2017 by Kelly Cushen


I met with a very well respected Operations Manager in the Franchise industry a few days ago. It was a terrific meeting with great outcomes.

As we were wrapping up, I thanked him for making the time to see me. I explained that it was very difficult to even get replies to emails let alone someone give me the opportunity to meet with them. “Everybody is so busy and I don’t want to seem pushy…. sales is not my background, but this is such a great product. I can’t understand why people won’t even consider looking at something that will increase their sales.”

He told me the story of one of his first mentors. He said that at the back of his office there was a cartoon (similar to the attached). He said that this picture had always stuck in his mind and that his boss at the time always encouraged him to give people time. Even if it’s a few minutes… you never know what they have to offer.

Wise words indeed!


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