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6 Things Successful Sellers Do

April 28, 2015

By Donal Daly in Sales– “Sometimes you have to step back and wonder what it is that makes those remarkably successful salespeople just so remarkable and so successful. I’m sure I don’t have the formula nailed – but there are six things that I have seen enough times to suggest to me that they […]

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Social Media is Not a Mouthpiece

April 24, 2015 “Social media is a great tool for any business, but only when it’s being used properly. There are many brands out there that simply use social media as a way of constantly inundating their audience with a series of generic news updates or links, and quite frankly, they’re doing it wrong. Social media is […]

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April 21, 2015 THE CONCEPT OF SHOPPING HAS SHIFTED FROM OWNING STUFF TO BUYING INTO NEW IDEAS. BY JOSH ALLAN DYKSTRA “Compared to previous generations, Millennials seem to have some very different habits that have taken both established companies and small businesses by surprise. One of these is that Generation Y doesn’t seem to enjoy purchasing things. […]

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5 Men’s Streetwear Brands You Should Know

April 7, 2015 Article By Trey Taylor on 23rd March 2015We celebrate the street- and skate-inspired labels shaking up the industry The Streetwear Brands Breaking The Mould In case you missed it, Kanye West is a designer now. That means that streetwear – once confined to the actual streets and urban scene – has fully infiltrated men’s […]

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